Oktoberfest for butterflies!

Yesterday Kelly and I visited the Sand Prairie Conservation Area near Benton, MO. It was a SP2013-10-20 15.05.40beautiful, Fall day and it felt good to stretch our legs and enjoy a more open natural setting. Several trees dot the prairie and near a persimmon (Diospyros virginiana) there were dozens of Junonia coenia (buckeye) under the tree. As we got closer the smell of fermenting fruit was very strong. When Regis, the wonder dog, wandered under the tree to see what I was interested in (I am sure he thought: “he is very interested in something under there, it must be a squirrel…”), the butterflies flew sluggishly and landed just out of the way – similar to when I was running bait stations. They were drunk (or alcohol poisoned – a rose by any other name…)! The winter is coming and a little time with Bacchus celebrating the bounty of nature seemed appropriate. This is nothing new, it is well-known that butterflies feed on fermenting fruit, Seeing so many butterflies in one spot, was cool and made me happy. I can’t tell you if butterflies enjoy a persimmon wine or would prefer a pinot grigio, but I do know that the persimmon tree was THE place to be if you happened to be a butterfly at Sand Prairie C.A. yesterday and we were lucky enough to share some time with those whose time is short.

Sand Prairie Conservation Area, 20 October 2013

Sand Prairie Conservation Area, 20 October 2013


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