Household IPM

Well, it has happened that we discovered signs (mouse poo) of a mouse in our kitchen. So, I

Our household rodent security system

Our household rodent security system

will have to step up the household IPM in that regard. We already employee a very expensive form of mouse IPM, Kathy Lee the cat. Luckily, we don’t actually count on Kathy Lee to do anything. Kelly might use this as an opportunity to push for more cats because it is obvious that our mouse load is more than Kathy Lee can handle by herself…

Within an IPM framework, it is important to note that there are several paths to the goal of pest management and employing more than one method can create synergies making all methods more effective. My plan will be to put some traps out of the Kathy Lee’s reach and leave the door to the pantry open providing her full access. A really bad plan would be to use a poison bait as this could have the side effect of making Kathy Lee less effective. Of course Kelly’s plan of more cats would increase the household cuteness, but throwing more of the same type of control that has already failed seems like a bad idea (and I think our dog is in agreement with me).



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