Nope, that’s just poop!

Today i had the opportunity to explore a ditch bank while Kelly was working. A ditch may not sound exciting, but it can provide hours of entertainment for the entomologically impaired. I photographed some ladybugs for the Lost Ladybug Project, shot some dragonfly photos (no county records for Odanata Central), shot Ponometia erastrioides (an Obion County record for BAMONA), collected a Lixus – like weevil that I hadn’t seen before, and then I came upon the truly fascinating: A WARTY LEAF BEETLE! Well, I watched it a while on the Sambucus leaf it was occupying, but it wasn’t moving because I spooked it. I then picked it up and held it to see if it would walk away – but at this point I had really traumatized it, so I decided to collect it. When I dropped it into my collecting vial it made a satisfying ‘clink’ – poop does not have an exoskeleton to make that sound! (I am such a smartypants I thought). When I got home, I did all the stuff I had to do thinking about how exciting this chrysomelid would be under the microscope when I had the time to view it! I have enjoyed these beetles before and they are so cool!

Nope, that is just poop! 23 June 2013 Obion County, TN

Nope, that is just poop!
23 June 2013 Obion County, TN

Well, under the microscope it was just a hard 2.5mm piece of caterpillar frass.


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