A blog post from Colin

The following is a treat, a blog post from Colin Tindall. Colin is a student at John Pittard Elementary School and hopes you enjoy his sharing a post about two of his favorite things: insects and farts:

The Farting Bug

If you like farting, this bug is right up your alley. The Bombardier Beetle can FART up to 30 times to protect themselves!!!  They have 2 chambers in their abdomen. Inside the chambers are 2 different chemicals called concentrated   hydrogen peroxide and other chemicals such as sulfur dioxide and hydrogen sulfide. When you mix them together … BOOM!!!

Colin found a video he would like you to view also.


4 thoughts on “A blog post from Colin

  1. quiscalus

    That’s great! I will forevermore refer to them as farting beetles, or perhaps the sharting beetle, but that might not be totally kid friendly. 😉


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