Jumping spider

Most entomologists disappoint the public by knowing nothing about spiders. “They are bugs, after all!” Well yes and no. Entomologists study insects and spiders are not insects. To the lay person any small creature is a bug, to the entomologist not even all insects are bugs. Anyway we had a salticid (jumping spider) that shared our home when we lived in Idaho. It was very shy, and especially camera shy. I would get glimpses, but not much more. The last day as i was cleaning, i saw it and got a decent cell phone shot. The shiny, metallic-looking chelicerae are a surprise! Even though Phidippes audax is not a rare spider, it was fun to share a home with this gentle (at least to us)phid3 predator,

Al Gillogly introduced me to Baeus a while back and I will need a little spider knowledge to find them.


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