You are what you is

The title of this post is also the title of a Frank Zappa album (I am a huge FZ fan). It is also sad that I feel the need to provide an explanation for a cartoon, when cartoons should be able to stand alone. The need for an explanation turns them into ‘blogtoons”(??). Anyway, I hope this blogtoon is of use:

be yourself


5 thoughts on “You are what you is

  1. George Sims

    I don’t think I’d be having NEARLY so much fun if I were being paid for this. On the other hand, whenever I screw something up royally, I can always tell folks, “You get what you pay for”.

  2. George Sims

    Spending the afternoon “re-curating” my beetle collection into three plastic drawer/cases. I will have a space for every one of the 131 families listed in Arnett. I’m tired of cutting, printing and gluing, and will quit for the day. Pictures WILL follow. NOW, I just need to get some beetles to put INTO the cases.


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