Backyard Safari

I have been slightly under the weather. Yesterday, I ventured outside to see what was going on in

The backyard: 11 Feb 2013

The backyard: 11 Feb 2013

the backyard and enjoy some sun with the dog. Regis, the dog, does not help find insects, but he did find a tennis ball for me to throw. The ‘lawn’ along the south facing fence is starting to peek through and green up. I take my vegetable garden and native flower beds pretty seriously, but my ‘lawn’ is a joke. I actually prefer a hyper-diverse mixture of whatever is willing to come up – weeded to a more native state. I know that native-chauvinism may be offensive to some readers, but who really wants Tribulus terrestris in the yard?

Anyway, lawn care digression aside I found a fly (Muscidae?) basking on the fence, a couple of leaf

Boisea trivittata - 11 Feb 2013

Boisea trivittata – 11 Feb 2013

hoppers (Cicadellidae – Circulifer tenellus?), and Boisea trivittata (box elder bug). Even though the range map in the link does not include Idaho, I assure you the species is well known in Idaho.

No great scientific discoveries today. Nothing unusual. It is normal to find insects that overwinter as adults out about on a day like this. The reason for posting this is that you too can get out and find cool and exciting stuff, even in your own backyard.


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