Dung beetle bait

As usual: the story is true but the names have been changed…

trapping dung beetles


7 thoughts on “Dung beetle bait

  1. George Sims

    While visiting my new grandson in Louisiana last week, I asked my daughter, “Can I change Max’s diaper?” “You WANT to?” “Yeah, I brought my traps with me, and I want to see if “preadolescent fecal bait is more effective than bait from sixty-one-year-old hominids”. She made me stay away from him for the entire visit.

    1. biologistsoup Post author

      George – some people just don’t understand the concept of “poo for science”. We are still covered with snow, but this time last year i was catching Aphodius distinctus.

  2. George Sims

    Have just returned from a “seven beer” tour of the county. Dug underneath the deer carcass, and now have a bucket of dirt, with lots of water added, sitting next to the kitchen sink, hoping for Trogidae to float to the surface. No odes, despite 60F weather. Also captured a pair of cute, irridescent blue, beetles off the carcass. ID tomorrow.

  3. Jon Quist

    Yes… I still remember being shunned by my sisters… I thought I was doing a noble thing, making advances in the scientific community????

    Mind if I share this on my blog? thanks for the laugh 🙂

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