Grocery Store Entomology 2

Kelly did it again. This time in some mini sweet peppers and it was a beetle! We found an adult

Weevil damage to a pepper

Weevil damage to a pepper

Anthonomus eugenii (pepper weevil) in one of the peppers we were cutting for pizza topping. The peppers were from a distributor in Nogales, AZ, but were grown in Mexico. There was a tracking code with a website to allow me to view the farm, but it didn’t pinpoint the location – most farms of the company were in the state of Sonora. I sent an email asking if they could provide a better location for my curiosity (and all important label data). If you see peppers marketed as “NOW WITH 50% MORE WEEVILS!!”, you will know they listened to

Anthonomus euegenii posing with a pepper seed

Anthonomus euegenii posing with a pepper seed

my marketing advice.

The beetle was found dead inside the pepper. It was probably a pupa and had not had time to exit the pepper before it was treated to enter the US. Anthonomus grandis (boll weevil) is another weevil from Mexico that entered the US and became so important that a statue was erected to celebrate it. Anthonomous grandis is also the famous Weevil Knievel mascot of the Sikeston Cotton Ramble bike ride. So, three cheers for weevils!!! Perhaps we will start buying more produce from Papau New Guinea hoping for some Eupholus sp. weevils in the produce!




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