What does a biologist do?

Every profession has a bad joke (as old as the profession) about what they are about. This is the biologist version in the form of a cartoon.what a biologist does


7 thoughts on “What does a biologist do?

  1. Elizabeth

    This reminds me of my younger days. “I can prove you are not here” “Okay, do it” “Are you in Paris.” “No” “Are you in New York?” “No” “Are you in San Francisco?” “No.” “If you are not in Paris, New York or San Francisco, then you must be someplace else, right?” “Yes” “If you are someplace else then you can’t be here! Ha, Ha!”

  2. biologistsoup Post author

    Dear George, as usual the intense focus of your intellect has seized upon the most fecal aspect of the presented material. I am in awe. There is still more work for Manti to do – I did not think he would be as important to the comic as he is becoming.

  3. biologistsoup Post author

    Yeah, it sucks that he couldn’t just play football.
    I was going to begin every Manti comic with Holy Crap! It’s Manti Te’o, but I don’t want your copyright lawyers busting down my door…


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