The value of wilderness

As I was leaving work today, I poked into the GIS lair: “Have a good weekend, Michael! See you Monday.”

CRMO2“Aren’t you coming into work tomorrow?”

“Why would I come in on Saturday?”

“Kent, Today is Thursday. Tomorrow is Friday…”, Michael explained.

“Heck!” (But I didn’t say heck)

One of the biggest values of wilderness, is I can go there anytime. Even if someone added an extra day to my work week, I can still close my eyes and relive time in the wilderness. This is why if you have never been, you must go. Humans require this. You need to know about the way the stars look at night, spend an afternoon watching the sun move across a canyon wall, know how good water tastes when it is fresh and you are thirsty, you need to know rain is cleansing. Wilderness gets inside you, it is part of you and if you are lucky, you are part of it.

The first step in scientific inquiry is observation, wilderness can teach you to see. Wilderness can awaken all your senses. Wilderness can make you alive. To receive these benefits,  it is up to you to make the first step. You must go there – even if it is only in your mind.


2 thoughts on “The value of wilderness

    1. biologistsoup Post author

      Hey Zeke – I am honored by your comment. I think if you read more blogs, you may find that there are some pretty good writers out there… but I am glad you felt this post’s meaning.


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