So long High Country Gardens

High Country Gardens is no more.

IMG00300-20110425-0957This is sad. As human populations expand, occupying more and more of the Earth, it would seem that the need for native plants is greater than ever. The loss of High Country Gardens, especially due to drought and fire (strengths of some native plants), argues that the this need is either not real or not realized.

Either way, the loss of native plant nurseries saddens me, if for no other reason, native plants give regions their ‘flava’ or ‘je ne sais quoi’. While novel ecosystems are currently receiving a bunch of attention (and rightly so), I think that native ecosystems should be cherished. Planting native plants in your yard instead of non-native plants may not only help slow global weirding but it will help you to feel a greater sense of place and support cool backyard wildlife.

Consider making a New Year’s resolution: in 2013 I will plant 10 square feet of native plants.



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