I “intensifier deleted” love science

Lately I have had friends making me look at facebook postings that exclaim: “I _______ love SNAILscience” with a photo (often funny) demonstrating this love. I love poop jokes and goofy photos, but consider something as mundane as an old snail shell, the microscope I viewed it through, or the cell phone I captured the image with – science is my world view. Basically, if you don’t see the science at first viewing, look again. Did you notice the bits of frass (insect poop for you civilians) on the snail shell? Are there any questions you have based on your observations? Yeah, it seems stupid but it is the continuous “lather, rinse, repeat” of “observe, question, explain, test, compare” that ties my bootlaces every morning.

A conversation I had with Mary Paglieri   recently invoked the phrase: “normal people don’t accomplish _____”, this was further brought out in an email exchange with the esteemed George Sims. Jimi Hendrix had it right: “… but i’m gonna wave my freak flag high”.

So wave your flag. Do the important things you do and realize that we are getting things done. The average human may not have progressed much from the dark ages, but the flame of burning heretics shines brightly upon unimagined accomplishment and knowledge. We have a science robot on Mars! Proclaim your love of science. In the words of M.C. Frontalot “if the nerdcore rose up, it would be elevated”.


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