The benefit of a small bladder

Kelly and I were on yet another cross-country automobile adventure. While in Kansas we decided that a fueling up and pee stop before we hit Kansas City was a good idea. When we walked into the building after pumping fuel we saw Halyomorpha halys was sitting on the wall of EZ Go #70! Very excited, we photographed the stink bug and collected it. We called our friend Brian McCornack, who being an entomologist in Kansas, was able to rapidly confirm that this was the FIRST STATE RECORD for Kansas! Well, celebrating a new non-native pest doesn’t seem like a good idea, but being able to pinpoint when a pest enters a new area can be valuable information and now other entomologists know to look out for it. The reason I am telling you about it now is the latest Journal of the Kansas Entomological Society has a short communication that we wrote about this occurrence. It should be in your mailbox any day now, or give me your email and i’ll send you a pdf.


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