BAMONA stands for butterflies and moths of North America, a citizen-science project, for which I serve as the Idaho state coordinator, and share duties for Wyoming. Recently, a sighting came to me for verification and I was staring at a beautiful photograph of Aglais urticae on my computer screen. WOWIE ZOWIE! Stop the presses! This species is known from North America, but not the Pacific Northwest. AND IT IS SUPER RARE!

I verified the photograph, and included a note to the person who submitted it about how significant it was. The photo showed the species on a flower of Helianthus annuus, a nice iconic North American species. As soon as I thought that I flashed back to the fields of sunflowers the Tour de France rolls through, and how can I be certain of physical location.

Well, they had been to Ireland, maybe they were mistaken about the location and withdrew their sighting. So in the end it all worked out, but for a while I was pretty excited!


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