Phaneus vindex, a truly beautiful dung beetle!

Today’s big excitement is the latest edition of SCARABS. This issue has a spiffy article about making dung beetle traps by yours truly. If you have ever wanted to sample dung beetles, now is your big chance! These traps are identical to the traps used by Joey Abrego who undertook an important dung beetle trapping question as his FFA project: POOPSICLES or FRESH. I highly recommend you spend some time trapping.


3 thoughts on “Scarabs!

  1. George Sims

    It certainly took LONG enough. I’ve been checking out the Scarabs site daily for several weeks, hoping to see your article. I think the personal portrait really added a LOT to the piece. I intend to save the pic, and print out an 8×10 glossy for my Man Cave.

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