Flora of New Mexico

For all of you out there needing some information on New Mexico’s flora… Wooten and Standley’s 1915 Flora of New Mexico is yours by clicking the link. Sure, some names have changed, plant ranges have changed, and many plants have been added to flora; but old books have advantages. Older biological books often use really interesting phrasing that may or may not aid your understanding of the subject matter. Older biological books reflect older values and ideas, this helps us understand bias and can help us avoid it in our own work. Older works can be a window into the past. For instance, this 1915 Flora of New Mexico contains no mention of Bromus tectorum or cheatgrass, an introduced weed. Currently Bromus tectorum is well established in New Mexico. For many of us modern Westerners it is difficult to imagine desert areas without Bromus tectorum, but in the New Mexico of Wooten and Standley that was reality.


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